A trendy bar
In the heart of Nice

The Café des Chineurs

On the ground floor of our 3-star establishment or on the terrace of the hotel, do not miss to stop for a moment at the bar, which also does not lack originality. In a unique setting and a friendly atmosphere, discover the cocktail menu of the Café des Chineurs which presents of course the great classics of the genre, but also creations "house" all more attractive than the others. Depending on the seasons and our inspiration, we also offer detox cocktails, fruit cocktails or "improved" coffees and chocolates. To restore you, you will find on our bistrot card some ideas to satisfy small and big hungers. The Café des Chineurs will also be the scene of your breakfast, if you wish!

Enjoy live animations Good atmosphere and good music

Our bar is a trendy place where like Nice people, you will enjoy having a drink in hand, a plate of tapas under the eyes, with pleasant music in the ears. We regularly offer live entertainment often very popular.

Classic or original? Ask for the cocktail menu!

At the hotel bar, you will inevitably find a beverage that will make you happy. Wines, champagnes, beers, soft ... or cocktail! We realize before your eyes a plethora of recipes ... the great classics obviously, with or without alcohol, and original creations, realized by our care. Milky Macadam, Princess Peach, Summit, Detox Doctor ... you could do some nice discoveries!

For the little hungers Eat with a drink

You are on the terrace, under the Mediterranean sun, you appreciate your cocktail at its fair value, but a little hungry tip the tip of his nose ... The plates of tapas that we propose you will probably satisfy you: squid fritters , acras, charcuterie, cheeses. We will serve you quality products, on plates copiously garnished.

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